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Spring Material Characterization Seminar - Germany

Title: Spring seminar "Material Characterization" - Germany
Date: 4/26/2017  - 4/27/2017

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From the German brochure:

Micromeritics recently became 50, Micromeritics GmbH will soon be 30 years old. The change of generations took place: In our headquarters in Atlanta, many employees of the first hour have gone to well-earned retirement and in Germany the team has also rejuvenated an average of 15 years.

The products notice the innovation thrust, for example, in the area of ​​communication. Nearly all models have the "MicroActive" program structure, which means that they can now evaluate, edit and provide the sample data of almost all devices with the program. For example, The data of the sorption devices can be directly combined with the data of the porosimeters. This makes it possible to display and compare pores from the subatomic range (0.3 nm) to beyond 500 μm. This is an absolute novelty and an invaluable asset for material characterization.

Of course, the spring seminar 2017 is not just about the innovations, but also about the knowledge, as physical measurement data does not age: the models are adapted to new findings. Therefore, each user should not only be familiar with the operation of the devices, but also with the new possibilities and their applications on previously practiced routines.

In times of permanent renewal, established contacts are important, so our analyst 's meeting is a central part of our seminar: the newly gained knowledge can be directly transferred to the adapted handling of the devices by discussions with scientists, users and colleagues.

Together with the colleagues of Fraunhofer IKTS at the locations Dresden and Hermsdorf (host), the TU Ilmenau as well as the Bergakademie Freiberg, the speakers as well as the employees of Micromeritics look forward to your participation, exciting discussions and a successful seminar.

Protection fee Participants (plus VAT):
From industry: € 250
From universities: € 125
Students: € 50

+49 36601 9301 5010

For more information and to see the agenda click the below link:
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Fraunhofer IKTS


Hermsdorf, Germany

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